About Natrel
About Natrel

The most trusted
dairy brand in 2015

Natrel was named the most trusted dairy brand in the country according to a survey conducted by the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. Thank you for all the love you show our brand and products!

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The #1 premium milk

Thank you! You’re the reason why Natrel premium milks, are the top choice of Canadians.* When you enjoy our milk from Canadian Dairy Farms, you’re making life more delicious.

*Natrel Fine filtered milks are #1 in the Premium filtered milk categories according to a national scale Nielsen Market Track study (excluding Newfoundland), GB + DR + MM + GM + WC, 52 weeks period ending November 14th, 2015, sales measured in liters of milk.


Our promise


Natrel contributes to making people’s lives even more delicious. As a leader in dairy products, Natrel celebrates the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, cooking and baking; a lifestyle where compromising on quality, both in terms of moments and food, is simply not an option. Whatever the need, desire, moment or place, Natrel allows consumers to enjoy an enthusiastic, inspiring and delicious dairy experience.

Agropur cooperative,
one big family

From the beginning, every generation of Agropur Cooperative member dairy farmers has worked tirelessly and passionately to endow the next generation with a brighter future.

This long-held commitment was, in fact,
the catalyst for our dairy cooperative’s birth
more than 75 years ago.

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