10 ingredients, 3 dinners

October 2016

Buying seasonal, local vegetables that are so abundant at this time of year (for example, sweet potato, zucchini, red pepper and leek) allows you to save a little money. Not only are these seasonal ingredients more affordable in the fall, but by loading up each recipe with them, you can also stretch the meat a little further so you can serve more people from a smaller amount. And while cooking dinner with the same ingredients over and over might seem a little boring, with just 10 ingredients, and a little creativity, you can actually make three completely different meals by varying how you treat each ingredient.


Here are three recipes to get you started, all featuring some of the best vegetables available at this time of the year: an easy baked sweet potato and zucchini hash with eggs, a versatile autumn vegetable frittata with sausage and goat cheese, and a comforting sweet potato and chorizo shepherd’s pie.