10 Random Acts of Kindness

Stephanie Florian, from Play Outdoors Vancouver, inspires you with 10 acts to help spread kindness around.

Like the popular song says, come together right now. Let us choose kindness in 2016 for the greater good of humanity and our personal well-being. One random act at a time, makes small, impactful, positive changes within your personal world and we will make a difference.

Each small positive deed produces a ripple effect. By putting the “kind” back into mankind we will create magic. No idea where to start? Here are our top 10 ways to get inspired.



You can’t spread love and kindness when you’re having your own pity party. Start with numero uno. Be kind to yourself and give thanks for everything you have. Write down three people or things you are grateful for each day.


Mend some broken wings

We are all meant to soar, but when life throws a curve ball, nothing has the same healing power as a friend. Be the friend you can lean on. Be the friend that supports and lifts. The best friends are those who help us get our wings back after a fall.


A foodie favour

Nothing speaks from the heart like the gift of an edible delight. A home-cooked meal, your favourite smoothie, a coffee or a sweet surprise… whatever it may be, pay it forward. Surprises make smiles. Hand-deliver your special treat to a stranger, a friend, a colleague or the pet next door and then savour every minute of your kind act.


Connect the dots

Who you know is where you go in life. It is up to you to pursue your dreams and reach goals, but it’s the personal connections that help get us where we want to go. Choose to introduce people who might benefit from knowing each other. Whether it’s a personal or professional possibility, initiate the connection.


Basic needs

Start a mini-kindness campaign within your circle of friends, co-workers or neighbours. Be the leader and collect basic winter needs such as blankets, sweaters, jackets, sleeping bags or tuques. In summer, collect other seasonal essentials. Collect and then personally deliver your items to shelters.


Older IS wiser

We are all fighting the aging process, but what we tend to forget is that with old age comes experience and wisdom. Take the time to listen and connect with elderly people. Be present and learn from their life experiences and lessons. Whether it’s a walk, coffee date, phone call or community service… take time to appreciate older generations. We will all be there some day, so why not make someone feel special and appreciated now. Seniors are like good books waiting to be discovered.



In an “all me” world of overstimulation and self-absorption, it’s harder than we think to be still let alone listen unconditionally to someone else’s thoughts, desires and concerns. Hearing comes naturally, but listening is a skill we can all work on. Pick up the phone and call an old friend, relative or colleague and let that person do the talking. It will be a gift to each of you.


Better to give than to receive

Put together a grab bag of goodies that someone with little or nothing would appreciate. Keep it simple but be thoughtful. Lip balm, a scarf you don’t wear, a granola bar, five bucks… the contents are up to you. Keep it close at hand like in your car, purse or gym bag, so that when your paths cross, it is easily accessible.


Smile and the world smiles with you

A quick acknowledgement and friendly nod is powerful yet effortless. Smiles are contagious too. When you take someone by surprise with this random act of kindness, the reaction is priceless! Smile at a stranger and spread the happy vibe.


Pay it forward

Whether it’s a craft, parking ticket, coffee, family heirloom, material belonging, service or babysitting… be the do-good fairy. Sprinkle your goodness on others and bask in the warmth of their appreciation. Do good and others will follow your example and pay it forward too.

Performing random acts of kindness is a personal choice. Practice makes perfect until performing them becomes part of your nature. The universal power of expecting nothing in return will be the reward. Peace, love and random acts of kindness from Natrel.