Organizing a birthday party can be quite stressful. Here are a few ideas to bring colourful fun to your little one’s special day and make the task so much easier. Besides the snacks, games and cake, joyful smiles are essential. Keep things simple or go all out – it’s really up to you. Whatever your approach, the key to spending a wonderful time together is listening to one another.

1. The carnival of animals

Ask the children to dress up. Install a low table with art material that your young guests can use to decorate animal masks. Practice your face-painting talents on their little faces or allow them to do it themselves. For a take-home souvenir, each child can adopt a stuffed animal. To finish off, serve an animal-themed snack. The soundtrack to this menagerie of adorable animals? Classical music, a sure way to keep the energy level manageable!

Invitation cards available here.

2. The DIY artsy circuit

Photo credit Today’s Parent.

Kids loves dressing up. Let them come up with their own artist’s costume. You might just be surprised by the results. To kick off the party, create an artsy circuit. Station 1: Making a communal mural on kraft paper. Station 2: Recreating a photo booth on the floor using a theme of your choosing. Station 3: A dart game transformed into a collective work of art for the occasion. And for tasty treats, what could be better than Rice Krispies in the shape of artist’s brushes?

3. The garden party

Photo credit Chicka bug blog.

It’s always great fun to celebrate underneath the sky in a park or the backyard. Kids will go crazy for a garden of fairies or dinosaurs made just for them. They can plant small shoots and take them home as a lovely green souvenir. Land art would also add an attractive touch to the afternoon. Other ideas to keep the fun going: lawn games, bubbles and balloons. After all these activities, bright popsicles or chocolate berry ice cream sandwiches would be just the thing to serve.

4. The science birthday

Photo credit Fork and Beans.

Photo credit Polyjuice Potion.

As soon as the kids arrive, suggest they all put on a scientist’s white coat and glasses. Up next: demonstrations of a few experiments such as the erupting volcano or creation of flubber. When it’s time for a bite, place a few melon slices on a plate and let the kids spell words or their names using cookie cutters. Don’t forget the perfect scientific potion and assorted monsters. A winning formula for hours of laughter!

5. Camping & movie night

To start the pyjama party off on a sweet note, invite everyone to help themselves at the popcorn bar with other treats they can assemble. If you have time before starting the movie, you can even build your own tent! Extra fun points if you can project a movie on a wall just like in a movie theatre! Next, take a moment to observe the stars (strings of lights installed on the ceiling) before herding all those little smiling faces off to bed… in cool tents installed in the living room! In the morning, after a good cup of coffee, prepare a generous round of multi-coloured crepes.