A celebration of love, from sunrise to sunset

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a regular Saturday, it’s always nice to organize an entire day centered around the theme of love.


Planning such a romance-filled day sounds like a job for Melissa Goulet, the lovely gal who runs the blog Buttercream Couture. Her plan is to start things off with a laid-back brunch in bed with chocolate pancakes. Then, she’s got tips to prepare a thoughtful afternoon treat by combining delicious snacks with handcrafted love notes. Finally, she caps off the lovefest with a homemade dinner of seafood pappardelle for two.


Mid-morning delight


Forget the alarm clock – today, wake up at your own pace. Whether the both of you get on your feet at 9 AM or closer to your usual lunchtime, your day should start off with a cozy, laid-back brunch, filled with gourmet pastries or homemade breakfast classics. Melissa suggests sharing cooking duties and making a batch of these simple yet decadent chocolate pancakes, complete with brandy cream. Bonus love points if they’re eaten in bed.


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Sweet nothings

Your romantic journey continues with a thoughtful afternoon gesture. How can you make a sweet treat even sweeter? By wrapping it in a love note, of course!


  • Remember to keep the snacks simple and to prepare them in advance. The idea is to spend a cherished moment together, not to try out a complicated new recipe.
  • Alongside the treats, insert a handwritten love note. No need to fill out an entire notebook, as a simple “I love you” can be much more meaningful than fancy poetry.

Dinner by candlelight

End your romantic journey with a dinner à deux. Skip the restaurant and cook up a dish worth a few Michelin stars. Add a bottle of wine, a candle or two and a carefully crafted playlist, and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening. Our food and romance expert Melissa suggests this delicious creamy seafood pasta, which goes along perfectly with a good bottle of red or white wine.


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