An Extraordinary Holiday Dinner


Holiday dinners are mostly made up of tried and true classic fare. Meat pie, turkey, poor man’s pudding and other rich and heavy dishes are typical end-of-year delicacies. This year, why not try something new and surprise your guests with innovative dishes?

We turned to Ashley Colburne, the talented blogger from Butterflyfood, to create three new delicious recipes that will revamp your holiday dinner. With a few Asian-inspired ingredients and techniques, a sprinkle of creativity and a little bit of help from Natrel Lactose Free products, Ashley has prepared a three-course menu that will surprise your guests and blow their tastebuds away.

Foolproof Holiday Party Planner

This holiday season, focus on the joy instead of the stress of party planning thanks to our helpful checklist.

Two weeks before
  1. Plan your menu for the evening.

    For some inspiration, you can always check out the three-course meal suggested above. Make sure to ask your guests about any allergies or food sensitivities they might have.

  2. Plan your décor.

    Make a list of the decorations you already have and another of the things you need to buy.

  3. Make a list of what you have and what you need.

    Take inventory of the cookware, serving dishes, utensils and anything else you might need. Make a list of what you need to borrow or buy.

  4. Create a playlist for your evening.

    Include some upbeat songs and a few Holiday classics.

One week to three days before
  1. Stock the bar.

    Make sure to have enough wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests.

  2. Clean dishes and silverware.

    You should also launder and iron your table linens.

  3. Clean the house.


  4. Put up your decorations.


  5. Buy all of the dinner ingredients.


  6. Cook or bake any item that can be made ahead of time.

    Unless you want to freeze them, however, you shouldn’t prepare any dishes more than 3 days before the party.

Day of
  1. Morning

    Get up early and start preparing the meal.

  2. Early afternoon

    All food prep should be finished. Dishes should be cleaned and put away.

  3. Midafternoon

    Clean any last minute messes and give your house a final once-over.

  4. Late afternoon

    Set and decorate the table.

  5. Final moments

    Make sure everything is cooked or baked before your guests arrive – that way, you’ll be able to greet them properly. Keep the food warm in the oven.