Get in shape in no time

May 2014

As summer approaches, there’s no excuse not to make physical activity part of your lifestyle. Why not take advantage of the first few minutes of the day to do a little exercise? Marie-Philippe Jean, from the blog Chic Tonique shows us how to kick off the morning with a quick workout.


Despite a hectic lifestyle, Marie-Philippe finds time to train daily. Her secret: she starts the day with a 10-minute routine, just enough to boost her heart rate and get her muscles moving. In this article, you’ll see that it only takes a few minutes to start your day on the right foot.

Celebrate spring with this morning workout

  1. Reverse sit-ups (repeat for 1 minute)

    On your back, lift your knees and tighten your abs.

    Use the strength of your abs to lift you up and gently return to your first position.

  2. Plank with pelvic lift (repeat for 1 minute)

    Start in the plank position: activate your buttocks, legs and abs to form a straight plank.

    Push down on your forearms to lift up your buttocks and upper pelvis high, then return slowly to your starting position by tightening your abs.

  3. Step plank (repeat for 1 minute)

    Do the plank on your hands - tighten your buttocks, legs and abs to form a straight plank.

    Holding your muscle contraction, go down on your forearms, then back up on your hands.

  1. Leg squares (30 seconds each side)

    On the ground, contract and point your right leg in front of you and draw an imaginary square for 30 seconds.

    Repeat with your left leg.

  2. Leg extensions (30 seconds each side)

    On your right side, bend your right leg and lift up your left leg. Make sure your hips are pointing forward and your raised leg is stretched out as much as possible, as if someone was pulling it.

    Kick with your left leg for 30 seconds, then repeat with your right leg.

  3. Backward lunge jump (30 seconds each side)

    Take one big step backwards, keeping your body weight on your front heel. Keep your back straight and make sure your knee does not go beyond your toes.

    In one burst, jump into the air, bringing your back leg close to your chest. Repeat without stopping for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Cardio Challenge
  1. Explosive squats (repeat for 1 minute)

    Stand up: activate the abs and buttocks.

    In one rapid, powerful movement, stick out your buttocks and squat down to put your hand on the ground. Then, jump back to the upright position.

  2. Mountain Climbers (repeat for 1 minute)

    In a plank position on your hands, ease the weight of your body forward to be very light on your feet. Rapidly alternate one leg forward and one leg back for a minute.

  3. The caterpillar (repeat for 1 minute)

    Start in an upright position. Next, place your hands on the ground and move forward until you are in the plank position.

    Using your hands, move your body backward, lifting your pelvis until you return to your original position.

  • If you have time, do this workout twice.
  • Take short breaks between sequences and stay hydrated.
  • Don't forget to take a moment to warm up your body before your workout and stretch your muscles after exercising.
  • Before starting any fitness program, seek advice from a health professional to make sure the program is right for you.

Printable cheat sheet

Even a 10-minute workout can sometimes require a whole lot of determination. Remind yourself to start your day off the right way by displaying this printable exercise cheat sheet on your fridge or on a wall.


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