Healthy Lunchbox Meals

August 2014

Summer is slowly coming to an end, so it looks like it’s time to put away the popsicle molds and start making healthy balanced lunches for the kids. But between work, kids, chores and the ever-growing list of supposed “super foods,” it’s hard for parents to always fill their kids’ lunchboxes with healthy meals.

That’s where Annie Ferland and Nadine Bonneville, two certified dieticians and nutritionists, come in. These foodie superstars use their nutrition training to provide simple and delicious recipes for those who read their blog, De la science à la fourchette. They’re glad to give busy moms and dads a hand by sharing three quick and healthy lunch recipes that can easily be packed in a lunchbox.

Lunchbox tips and tricks

Get back in the lunch-packing game with our useful illustrated lunchbox tips and tricks.

    Avoid soggy sandwiches by altering their filling’s structure. For example, make your PB & J by spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on both pieces of bread and adding a bit of jam between them.


    Pre-slice your apple and wrap an elastic band around it to keep it from browning.


    Bring your veggies and dip in the same container by spooning thick dip into the bottom of a Mason jar, then sticking cut vegetables into it.


    Keep your food fresh by freezing your drink or juice box and letting it thaw in your lunchbox. A frozen beverage is the perfect ice pack substitute!


    If you want to store your entire lunch into a single container, use cupcake liners to separate different foods.


    Keep your banana from becoming brown and mushy by packing it in a plastic banana protector.