One-pot recipes

January 2015

We all know that eating out is tough on the wallet and the waistline, but it can be hard to summon up the motivation to prepare a meal at home. And don’t get us started on the dishes! What if we told you that we know healthy, filling recipes that require only one pot, saving you hassle and minimizing your time spent in the kitchen?

Kris Osborne, the health-conscious food blogger from 80twenty, is the one to thank for this kitchen miracle. Her Vegetable Primavera Pasta and Chicken, Pancetta and Mushroom Stew with Greens are two delicious meals that require only one pot. Don’t think she forgot about dessert: her One-Dish Chocolate and Pear Pudding Cake is a delightful sweet treat that you can prepare in minutes. Time to get cooking!

A Guide to Mason Jar Salads

One of our favourite one-pot meals is the Mason jar salad. There’s no cooking required! All you need to prepare one is a wide-mouthed Mason jar, a tight-fitting lid, a few salad ingredients and a bit of creativity. Here are simple guidelines to assemble your homemade portable lunches. As long as you follow these basic steps, you can create any salad combo you want.

  1. Dressing

    Start by pouring in your dressing. Any dressing can be used, whether it’s a creamy sauce or a vinaigrette. Creamy dressings are less likely to sneak up on the dry ingredients, but they might be a bit harder to pour out of the jar.

  2. Beans or Vegetables

    Add ingredients with a hard texture – they will act as a barricade between the dressing and the greens or lettuce. Use beans or vegetables that won’t soak up the dressing, like whole cherry tomatoes, corn or chopped carrots. If you prefer, you can add softer vegetables, like onions or radishes, instead. They’ll absorb some of the dressing, making them juicy and flavourful.

  3. Veggies and/or Grains

    Throw in any vegetables you want. You can also add healthy grains, like quinoa or couscous.

  4. Add-ins

    Incorporate all of the desired add-ins : meat, nuts, cheese, dried fruit, etc.

  5. Lettuce or Greens

    It’s time to add the salad’s most important ingredient : greens. Fill the rest of the jar with spinach, kale, lettuce or any other leafy veggie you want. All that’s left to do is screw on the lid, and voilà! Your lunch is packed. Try to keep the jar upright when you’re carrying it around to avoid the dressing seeping into the other ingredients.

  6. Lunchtime

    Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Empty your salad into a bowl – the lettuce will fall first, allowing it to be topped with the veggies, add-ins and dressing. Bon appétit!