Perfect picnic

June 12th


The weather is heating up and what better way to celebrate than by having a perfect picnic outdoors. The key to a great family picnic is to make it fun and easy. So what do you need to do to prepare for your afternoon?

Top 10 essentials for the perfect picnic


    Find a nice spot on even ground. Use any kind of basket to carry your blankets and pillows. I have a big collection of vintage picnic baskets, so I use these to carry the food and throw in a few ice packs to keep it cold. You could also use a thermal container if you decide to bring milk or other fresh products with you.


    You want food that is easy to pack and all prepared in advance. I love making these salads in Mason jars because all the ingredients, including the dressing, is already in the jar. Shake it up and it’s ready to eat.


    Make a waterproof blanket to use for your picnic! It’s super easy and it’s not only perfect for a picnic, but will come in handy when you go watch the kids’ games at the field or the fireworks this summer.


    It always helps to have a flat surface handy, so bring along a cutting board or trays to set drinks or food on.


    Make it fun for the whole family! Bring games such as badminton or Frisbee and make the kids a tent to play in. It’s also great if the sun gets too strong and you need a bit of shade.


    Make it beautiful. Bring a few pillows if you are sitting for a long time or want to have a nap after going for that hike up the mountain! Add a small bouquet of flowers or herbs to your set-up.


    Bring along candles… If your picnic goes late, it’s fun to bring on the mood lighting. Make sure the candles contain citronella to keep the bugs away.


    Take along some fruit and dessert! Super easy cut fruit in a Mason jar with a few homemade cookies or cakes with a glass of fresh milk.


    Don’t forget to bring drinks! Smoothies and iced coffees make good picnic drinks. You can easily pre-make both and bring them in a thermos (let your coffee cool down in the fridge and, just before leaving, add in some Natrel milk, ice and sugar). For more smoothie or drink ideas: Drinks and smoothies.


    Oh and remember to check the weather before you leave!

The Natrel milk shown is for presentation purposes only. If you bring Natrel milk to your picnic, keep it cold at all times so it stays delicious!

Super easy DIY waterproof blanket

You will need:
  • A blanket or fabric that is not too thick as it will be easier to sew. I bought mine at IKEA
  • A vinyl tablecloth or shower curtain. Any waterproof fabric will do. I used a shower curtain
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pins
  1. Iron both the tablecloth and blanket so there are as few wrinkles as possible. This will make sure you are cutting the fabric or blanket to the right size. 

  2. Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the right side facing in.

  3. Cut the fabric and vinyl to the same size.
  4. Sew around the edge of the blanket, leaving an 8”–10” opening to turn the fabric inside out. For those of you who don’t own a sewing machine, you can hand-sew the blanket. It’s pretty easy, but will take you a little bit more time to complete.
  5. Turn the blanket inside out and press down the seams.
  6. Top stitch around the entire blanket, closing up the small space you left open at the same time.