Plan the backyard wedding of your dreams

June 2014

Weddings are a big deal, but they often come with an even bigger price tag. To save a little, some folks within the destined-to-be-hitched group are rolling up their sleeves for a little DIY wedding action. From floral arrangements to decorations, people are getting their craft on. Some ladies are even (gulp) making their own wedding dresses!


Michele, a seasoned caterer and wedding photographer who has, well, "married" her two passions to create her food blog, The Little White Kitchen, is here to help you get diamond-grade dessert results for the price of a cubic zirconium! With countless catered things under her recipe belt, Michele is the dream candidate for creating not one, but two wedding-worthy and budget-friendly desserts using a Natrel family favourite: Lactose Free products. Knock the culinary socks off all of your wedding guests for a fraction of the price with these two sweet treats. Plus, get planning, decorating and entertaining tips that will help you have the affordable wedding of your dreams.

Wedding cake recipes

10 tips for a backyard wedding on a budget

Do you want a wedding that will blow you away without blowing your honeymoon fund?
Here are 10 tips to help you plan the backyard wedding of your dreams.

*Learn how to make your own candles here.