Three Delicious Hot Drinks

November 2014

When the cold settles in, we all need some hot treats to keep away the winter blues. And nothing beats the snuggly comfort of a warm drink in a nice big bowl. Trade your cup of tea for one of these creamy, delicious sips to rival the best cafés in town.

Emilie Gaillet, author of blog Emilie Murmure, warms our crisp fall evenings and cold winter nights with recipes for London Fog, decadent hot chocolate, and a chai latté with maple liqueur. For those with sensitive stomachs, Emily’s recipes are made with Natrel Lactose Free dairy, so they can be enjoyed by all.

One bowl, one personality

Every person deserves his or her own special bowl ! When sharing Emilie Murmure’s delicious warm drinks with friends, make sure to give each person a drinking vessel that fits their personality. Here are four people that you might recognize from your circle of friends and the bowl in which you should serve them their drink.
  1. For the purist

    Loud colours or outlandish patterns ? No thanks. The purist’s carefully crafted aesthetic is focused on black and white with an occasional splash of colour, like grey. That’s not to say he or she lacks style or personality - this person just believes that simple is best.

    When it comes to kitchenware, the purist likes beautifully simplistic things. Make sure to err on the classic side !

  2. For the delicate flower

    Blink and you might miss her. This soft-spoken lady isn’t known for making a scene, but her quiet strength makes her an amazing friend and confidant. Her apartment is her quiet haven, filled with warm colors and cozy-feeling pieces.

    Treat her to a fine china porcelain bowl. Whether you opt for a nice flower pattern or a beautiful solid colour, this friend will be thrilled with classic porcelain dishware.

  3. For the standout

    Bold, loud and fearless, this person is always up for an adventure. He or she makes original, varied decorating choices. Bright colors and unique patterns are a big part of this person’s aesthetic.

    When choosing a bowl for the standout, let your imagination run wild ! Remember that a bright and unusual piece will make your friend happy.

  4. For the nostalgic

    This guy is on permanent ‘’Throwback Thursday’’ mode. He’s the only person over the age of twelve who uses Netflix to watch Pokemon. This child at heart might not be the most grown-up person in your friend circle, but he’s undoudebtly one of your most fun and goofy friends.

    When it comes to bowls, he’s into vintage, but not the Etsy kind - more like the Megatron kind. Print ads from the 1960s, comic book themes, animation characters… check out specialty websites to please this guy.