Multigrain pancake mix

The holidays can be stressful, but a pancake breakfast shouldn’t be. Give your loved ones jars of homemade multigrain pancake mix and you’ll make at least one of their meals a little easier this holiday season so that they can relax with their family and share a plate of hearty multigrain pancakes.

These pre-made jars are also perfect if you wish to take part in the Natrel Greatest Dessert Exchange. Make a bunch in advance and give them in December when the time is right!

Before giving your jar, don’t forget to download and print this tag with the ingredients and steps to make the recipe. 



To prepare the pancake mix
  1. Grind ¼ cup of oats (half the oats) in a spice grinder or a mini-food processor to obtain a coarse oat flour.
  2. In the Mason jar, carefully layer the pancake mix ingredients with the rest of the oats and the homemade oat flour.
  3. Close the jar and cover the lid with a piece of fabric secured with ribbon. Tie a short branch of evergreen to the jar with the ribbon.
    To prepare the pancakes from the mix
  4. Transfer the contents of the Mason jar to a large bowl and mix together.
  5. In a separate spouted bowl or jug, whisk together the milk and egg. Transfer the milk mixture to the bowl with the pancake mix, and stir until just combined. Mix in the melted butter (do not overmix the pancake batter). Let the pancake batter rest for 20 minutes at room temperature.
  6. Preheat a large non-stick skillet on medium-low. Add a little butter to the skillet and then dollop ¼ cup amounts of the rested pancake batter into the skillet. Cook the pancakes several minutes on each side to ensure that they brown nicely and are cooked throughout. Be sure to butter the skillet before cooking each batch. Serve immediately with a glass of Natrel Maple Milk.

Janice Lawandi

Montreal, Quebec

Today, Janice works as a recipe developer and also writes about science in the kitchen.

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