Apple-picking season: a handy guide - Part 1

September 17 2015


One of the great fall traditions for Canadian families is to go apple picking at a local orchard. During the months of September and October, the harvest is at its peak! Give your kids a hand as they climb the apple trees, let them choose their fruit and even bite into one or two of those freshly picked, delicious apples. It’s an activity that everyone will love! 

Learn about the taste and texture that make each apple variety unique thanks to our helpful little guide. Which one’s your favourite?


    End of August to September
    Sunrise apples have a crisp and juicy texture. Their taste is sweet and mildly acidic.
    Uses: snacking.


    End of September to April
    A generous size, Honeycrisp apples get their name from their subtle honey notes. Deliciously crisp and juicy, their flesh is cream coloured and doesn’t turn brown very quickly.
    Uses: best enjoyed as a snack, but also suitable for cooking.


    Mid-August to September
    Fairly large apple with crisp, very firm but juicy flesh. Jersey Mac apples are sweet, mildly acidic and strongly flavoured.
    Uses: snacking or juicing.

  4. MELBA

    Beginning of August to September
    Sweet fruit with tantalizing spicy notes. Melba apples have a juicy and tender flesh, but tend to bruise easily.
    Uses: ideal for cooking.


    October to April
    Medium-sized “stocky” apple with a pretty deep red colour. Fairly sweet with medium acidity, Spartan apples are aromatic and exceptionally crisp.
    Uses: snacking or in a pie. Equally ideal for making homemade cider.


    End of August to October
    A versatile apple, Paula Red apples have a crisp, juicy flesh. Their taste is rather acidic and moderately sweet.
    Uses: snacking, cooking or juicing.

  7. GALA

    End of September to April
    Gala apples are notable for their smooth skin marked by striped colours. Very firm, juicy and wonderfully crisp, their pale yellow flesh has a very sweet, low acidic flavour. Does not bruise very easily.
    Uses: snacking or cooking.


    October to June
    One of the most popular varieties in Canada, it is prized for its crisp, very juicy and aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic and not very sweet, McIntosh apples are suitable for all recipes.
    Uses: snacking, cooking, juicing or in cider.


    End of August to September
    Adorable, small bright red fruit that strongly resemble cherries. Their aromatic flesh is very crisp, not very juicy and highly acidic.
    Uses: Superb for jellies and jams.

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