Apple-picking season: a handy guide - Part 2

October 2016

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an age-old saying that has stood the test of time for many reasons. Not only do they contribute to healthy teeth, apples aid in weight control and are loaded with antioxidants that help keep numerous diseases at bay. The apple is one of the most tasty, refreshing and delicious fruits on the planet and can be used for cooking purposes or simply enjoyed alone. Follow us to the west coast of BC to explore organic orchard trends and what’s ripe for picking this time of year.

  1. CRAB

    August harvest
    Crab apples look like mini red apples that are best picked when firm and hard to the touch, and sour to the taste.
    Uses: Excellent choice for jams, jellies and ciders.


    August harvest
    Hard and tart, the Bramley is originally from England. This apple has a thin skin so bruises easily.
    Uses: Voted the #1 baking apple by chef Jamie Oliver.


    August harvest
    Originally from England, the Discovery is a summer apple unique for its pink interior colour. Sweet and scrumptious, it is the perfect dessert apple.
    Uses: Enjoy on its own.


    August harvest
    Once a popular backyard apple, the waxy summer Gravenstein hails from Denmark.
    Uses: Snacking and making applesauce.


    September harvest
    Known for its rough skin and rustic look, the Boskoop is firm and tart, so will retain its crispness and sweeten over time. Stores well in a cool, dry place like a wooden or cardboard box for up to six months.
    Uses: Snacking and baking.


    End of September to early October harvest
    A late season, multipurpose apple that is a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious. Big and sweet with a thin skin, the Jonagold ripens to a golden-yellow colour.
    Uses: Snacking and baking.


    October harvest
    A German winter apple that is bright and attractive to the eye. Its dazzling red colour attracts birds. Store 1–2 months in a cool, dry environment.
    Uses: Snacking and baking.


    October harvest
    An American apple that deepens in colour once it is fully ripe. The Northern Spy is unique in that it is best picked after a light October/November frost for maximum sweetness and can be kept for up to four months if properly stored.
    Uses: Eating and cooking.