The benefits of gardening

April 2014

Last summer, as part of our Organic campaign, we encouraged our community to do their own bits of good, which would lead to a whole lot of great for our diets, our communities, and even the world. This year, we want to encourage everyone to the same. Therefore, we invite you to usher in spring by building your own vertical garden.

Did you know that gardening brings many benefits to your personal health and to the environment? Our expert botanist Jean-Sebastien Mignot shares a few of them with us. Also, make sure peruse through our gallery of last year’s projects to get inspired and download our instructions to make your project a success!

City challenge - Vertical gardens

5 Facts

  1. Gardening eases stress and improves psychological wellbeing.
  2. Urban gardens help cool the air during heat waves.
  3. Even small domestic gardens support a substantial range of wildlife.
  4. The most resilient plants include carrots, peppers, thyme and basil.
  5. Strawberries can be adapted to small-scale gardening!


We asked a few question to Jean-Sébastien Mignot, assistant botanist for Stéphanie Pellerin (PhD), researcher at the Research Institute of Plant Biology, the University of Montreal.