Go-to recipes for on-the-go

June 2014

Work, errands, driving the kids around… Sometimes, it feels like we’re always on the go. Thankfully, with a bit of planning and the right recipes, a packed schedule doesn’t have to mean stopping to the nearest fast food drive-through for dinner. Kelly Brisson, food writer and founder of the blog The Gouda Life, shares her favorite portable meals.


From breakfast to dessert, any meal can be eaten in the car, at the office or during your youngest one’s soccer game. Make your time in the kitchen even more fun by including your kids in the making of Kelly’s three simple recipes, which you can find below.

Long live Mason jars

The Gouda Life's mouthwatering recipes are proof that Mason jars are just as great for cooking and baking as they are for preserving. But these jars are much more than just kitchen essentials: from decorating to organizing, there’s almost nothing these containers can’t help you with. Here are a few nifty things to do with your empty jars.
  1. Smoothie tumbler

    Use a jar to carry your breakfast smoothie.

  2. Lunch salad container

    Bring an entire lunch salad in a single container - just put your dressing at the bottom of a jar and layer the salad’s ingredients over it.

  3. Homemade cookie mix

    Layer the dry ingredients of your favourite cookie recipe in the jars. Paired with the recipe’s instructions, the resulting mix makes for a great hostess gift or homemade Christmas present.

  4. Hassle-free blender container

    If you only want to use your blender for small quantities, no need to take out your massive blender container - just screw the blade onto a regular Mason jar and blend, crush or liquify ingredients to your heart’s content. To avoid damaging your blender, make sure the blade fits your Mason jar perfectly before turning on your appliance.

  5. Herb planter

    Fill a jar up with soil and plant your favourite herbs.

  6. Picture frame

    Showcase your favourite family pictures by placing them in clear jars.

  7. Soap dispenser

    For an adorable homemade soap dispenser, fill a jar with soap and top it with a pump.

  8. Pendant light

    Make your own beautiful pendant light by creating a hole in a Mason jar lid and inserting a light socket and bulb into it.