The Perfect Fall Market Bag

September 2014

It’s always a good time to head to the farmer’s market to enjoy delicious local products. But a bountiful culinary shopping trip deserves more than flimsy plastic bags. Fret not: the talented Arounna Khounnoraj has crafted the perfect reusable bag to carry your groceries.


As half of the husband-and-wife team behind the Toronto studio bookhou, Arounna is an expert in using natural materials to create beautiful objects. She’s proved her talent by designing a simple and sophisticated reusable Natrel bag that will help you carry your weekly groceries in style. Here’s a sneak peek into the artistic genius’ creative process.

From drawing to print - a tailor-made tote bag

Arounna starts by drawing her design with ink. Once she’s satisfied with her sketch, she scans it and digitally tweaks it, changing its scale and making it into a pattern. When her design is finalized, she shoots it into a silk screen.



Arounna then prints the image onto the bag’s fabric. Once the ink is dry, she sets the image with heat, making it laundry-resistant. The bag is almost ready! After setting the print, all she needs to do is sew the fabric pieces together.



Voilà! In a few steps, Arounna’s creative vision has been turned into the perfect reusable bag for your next trip to the farmer’s market.


A customized grocery list

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