The sugar shack at home

April 2014


How far are you willing to go for maple syrup? If you’re from Eastern Canada, not too far; you probably know all about sugar shacks. But for those of you who aren’t, you’ll need to trek out east, take a sleigh ride into the snow-filled woods, and find yourself a small, rustic wooden cabin with busy maple syrup producers working inside. Even the biggest maple syrup lovers might not be willing to go that far.


Meet Marjorie Morin, native Quebecer and eclectic in every way. The woman behind the blog Sugar for the Brain shows us how to recreate the sugar shack experience at home.


Her secret? Natrel’s Partly Skimmed Maple Milk.

Recreate the perfect Sugar Shack Table Decor

The good thing is, you are at home. It means that you can create the sugar shack style you want. For example, you could go with a modern and rustic décor. Here, we tried to stick to the traditional sugar shack look, but we adapted it to our taste. Instead of a red and white checked pattern tablecloth to cover the table, we opted for accents of the same pattern to show the wooden table. The checked pattern fabric is used as napkins to wrap the utensils and as accents to add colour.


To recreate the décor in the picture

Mandatory: Wooden items and red and white checked pattern fabric and you’re good to go!

  • Wooden table
  • Wooden bench
  • Olives, beets, small pickled onions and pickles
  • Rosemary
  • Airtight resealable jars
  • Wooden salad bowl with bread
  • Stainless steel maple syrup dispenser
  • Red and white checked pattern fabric
  • Cheese platter: jam placed in a small mason jar, cheeses of your choice, wooden platter, brown paper
  • Mason jars with handles
  • Antique milk bottle to put your Natrel milk in
  • Burlap fabric
  • Raffia
  • Wooden box

How to prepare the cheese platter

On a wooden platter, place a scrap of brown paper with the cheeses on top. Add a branch of rosemary with a knife, jam and maple syrup. Add a little spoon to the jam.

Wrap the utensils 

Place a medium square of red and white checked pattern fabric on a flat surface, roll the utensils in it and secure with burlap fabric. Place all the utensils in a wooden box on the table.

How to dress the milk bottle

Surround the bottle with burlap fabric, add a branch of rosemary and secure with raffia.

Olives/small pickled onions, pickles or beets

In an airtight, resealable jar add olives/onions/beets/pickles. Place a branch of rosemary to add a bit of fancy.

Sounds from the Sugar Shack

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