A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

October 2014

Do you smell that? That delightful aroma is the smell of Thanksgiving dinner wafting straight from the kitchen of Liz Mochrie, the vegetarian blogger behind Noms for the Poor. An avid recipe developer and a compulsive cook and baker, Liz Mochrie is the perfect choice to share three original recipes that will make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration your veggiest and most delicious one yet.


This veggie-whiz has magically whipped up a three-course vegetarian meal highlighting the pure goodness of Natrel Fine-filtered milk. No guest, vegetarian or not, will even notice the turkey’s absence from the table. Scroll down to discover the delicious dishes you’ll be feasting on this Thanksgiving!

A seasonal centrepiece for a Thanksgiving celebration

A vegetarian celebration means no turkey on your Thanksgiving table. Fret not: here’s a tutorial to help you craft the perfect seasonal centrepiece.

What you will need

  • Empty Natrel milk carton, rinsed
  • Scissors
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brush
  • Double sided tape
  • Jute rope
  • Your choice of small containers (to hold candle)
  • Tea light or candle
  • Rocks
  • Moss or other greenery (available at your local garden supply store)

    Cut the milk carton to the height of the chosen jar, from the bottom up. Recycle top of carton.


    Paint the small container gold.


    Let paint dry a few hours.


    Cover container with double sided tape and cover it with jute rope.


    Insert the candle in the jar and place in the rope-covered container.


    Insert small rocks around the jar to hold it in place.


    Place the moss on the rocks, around the candle. Avoid placing it too close to the flame, as it can be flamable.


    Enjoy your handmade centrepiece!