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Natrel’s new ice creams are both lactose and gluten free. What’s more, we use only all-natural flavours and colours in our ice cream recipes. It all adds up to a delicious treat you can enjoy with all of the taste and none of the discomfort.


Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Lactose Free Ice Creams.
Is Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream really made in Canada?
Yes! Natrel Lactose Free ice cream is produced in Edmonton, Alberta, in one of our plants specialized in ice cream production. In addition, every drop of cream used in Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream comes from Canadian dairy farmers. Agropur supports the use of local dairy across the country, because it is their 3,348 hard-working dairy farmers who make up the Agropur Cooperative. To learn more, visit http://www.agropur.com/en/.
How do you make Natrel ice cream lactose free?
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has strict regulations stating that for ice cream to be defined as lactose free, 99% of the original lactose must be eliminated from the product. We have a process whereby we add the enzyme lactase to the ice cream mix before production. Lactase breaks down the lactose in the dairy, eliminating 99% of it. After the 72-hour enzymatic process, we do lactose testing on Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream to ensure it is below acceptable minimums. 
I would like to buy Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream, but my store doesn’t carry it. What should I do?
If Natrel products are already available at your supermarket, ask the frozen category manager to include the product you want in his or her next order. If the product is still unavailable, go to the “Contact us” section of our website and send us a detailed message. In response, we will do our best to send one of our representatives to your local supermarket to try adding the product you want. Unfortunately, some stores do not offer Natrel products for contractual reasons. If this is the case with your store, we will send you the names of other establishments that carry our products in your area.