Whipped Dips & Spreads

Natrel breaks new ground with a creamy and smooth cottage cheese preparation that you can enjoy as a dip and a spread.

Dip, spread and enjoy…

Discover our new selection of delicious dips and spreads made from cottage cheese preparation whipped until it’s creamy and smooth. Enjoy it in multiple ways any time of day.


Cottage cheese reinvented:
Dip and spread gourmet and healthy

Made from 100% Canadian milk, this cottage cheese preparation is high protein (3 g per 30g portion) and is low in fat (2% M.F.).  With 25 calories per portion, our dip and spread is a light and nutritious snack that can be savored without guilt. 

A touch of indulgence... 

It’s a light spread that you gently apply to your morning bagel. It’s an exquisite dip that wakes up a cracker and brings raw vegetables to life. It's your chance to get creative and add it to baked oven potatoes, to dip grilled shrimp in, to give creaminess to a pasta salad...taste the possibilities!

Shrimp cocktail with dip and spread