What are food additives and how does the absence of these ingredients differentiate Natrel fine-filtered cream and creamer?

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve or enhance its flavor, taste, appearance, texture and aspect. Some additives and other types of ingredients have been used for centuries, for preserving food, by salting (bacon or fish), adding sugar (jam, fruit preserves) or by using sulfur dioxide, as done with wines.

Many different food additives have been developed over time to meet the needs of food production, as making food on a large scale is very different from making them on a small scale at home. Additives are needed to ensure processed food remains safe and in good condition throughout its journey from factories or industrial kitchens, during transportation to warehouses and shops, and finally to consumers. For cream, the food additives are used to enhance the stability of the product in contact with heat.

It is possible that the products make small particles when poured into a coffee. This reaction is completely normal and does not mean that the product is unfit for consumption. Just stir for the coffee and cream to mix.



How can I preserve the fresh taste of my Natrel Milk at home?

To preserve the fresh, pure taste of your Natrel Milk for a longer time, reseal the carton or jug (or fold the bag to remove the air) AND return it to the refrigerator after each use. Milk should be refrigerated at a temperature of between 0°C and 4°C.

New fresh-seal packaging: Okay, but what is it?

We strive to produce the best milk every day. For your benefit, we also had to find a way to preserve its fresh, pure taste as long as possible. We worked hard to develop our fresh-seal packaging, which guarantees an even longer shelf life for our products, preserving the delicious, fresh taste of milk longer.

Can I freeze Natrel Milk?

You can freeze Natrel Milk. In cartons or bags, it can go straight into the freezer but the milk in jugs needs to be emptied into a suitable container. Freezing does not alter the taste or nutritional value of milk, but its texture and appearance may be slightly modified. Milk should only be kept in a freezer for no longer than three weeks. You should defrost the milk in the refrigerator and shake it well before consuming it. Once defrosted, milk should be consumed quickly.


Where can I buy Natrel products?

Our products are usually available at grocery stores, convenience stores, mass merchants and warehouse clubs. Head to the Find our products section for product availability by province. If you’re having trouble finding our products, go to the contact us section of our website and send us a message by filling out our Contact Form. Upon receiving your request, we will send you the name of a store near you that carries our products.

I would like to buy one of your products, but my supermarket does not carry it. What should I do?

If Natrel products are already available at your supermarket, ask the dairy manager to include the product you want in his or her next order.

Most stores receive at least one or two orders per week. If the product is still unavailable, go to the contact us section of our website and send us a detailed message. In response, we will do our best to send one of our representatives to your local supermarket to try adding the product you want. Unfortunately, some stores do not offer Natrel products for contractual reasons. If this is the case with your store, we will send you the names of other establishments that carry our products in your area.


What is pasteurization?

The process of pasteurization is named after Louis Pasteur, who discovered that it was possible to destroy spoilage bacteria in wine heated at a temperature below the boiling point. The process was later applied to milk and remains one of the most important steps in processing milk.

Are all dairy products pasteurized?

Although pasteurization is carried out at different stages, depending on the product, it is a step in the manufacturing process of every dairy product, except certain unpasteurized cheese.

Why do you pasteurize dairy products instead of boiling them?

When you boil any liquid, you can kill all the bacteria and make it sterile, but this can significantly affect its taste and nutritional benefits. When you pasteurize liquid, on the other hand, it’s heated at a high enough temperature to kill certain (but not all) bacteria and disable certain enzymes, minimizing the effects on taste as much as possible.

Does Natrel Fine-Filter its milk instead of pasteurizing it?

Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk, like all milk, is pasteurized. However, our filtration process can remove virtually all the bacteria to give our milk a purer taste that stays fresh longer, naturally, than milk that has only been pasteurized.


Is homogenization different than pasteurization?

Yes, there’s a difference between these two steps. Homogenization is a process that gives milk its homogeneous (uniform) consistency. If you take a litre of milk straight from a cow and place it in a refrigerator, a layer of cream will rise to the top, leaving you with only skim milk on the bottom. To make 2% milk for you, the cream needs to stay suspended in the milk. Homogenization breaks down the fat globules in cream to a small enough size so that they remain suspended evenly in the milk rather than separating from the skim milk and rising to the surface.

Natrel Products

What does the «100% natural» of the Natrel Half & Half Cream and creamer made from fine-filtered skim milk mean?

This means that both creams contain only two ingredients: fine-filtered skim milk and cream. These creams are pure and simple, with no food additive.

What does the organic claim of the Natrel Organic 10% Half & Half Cream mean?

This means that this cream is made from milk from Canadian organic dairy farms. These farms meet strict criteria set by QAI (Quality Assurance International). This cream meets Canadian standards on organic farming. It is also naturally GMO-free and contains no antibiotic or artificial growth hormone.

*according to regulation currently in force in Canada, milk cannot contain antibiotic residues and artificial growth hormones are not approved for use in dairy cattle.

What is the source of the 18 g of protein per 250 ml portion of Natrel Plus products?

The proteins in Natrel Plus products are not just any old proteins added to milk: they come entirely from our 100% Canadian milk.

Thanks to our filtration process, the milk proteins are concentrated and combined with the other ingredients in order to control the source, quality and quantity of the proteins added to our products.

What is Natrel Plus?

Natrel Plus is a new line of protein-rich milkshakes made from our ultra-filtered lactose-free milk. Three types are currently available: two white dairy beverages with either 2% fat or 3.25% fat and a chocolate-flavoured dairy beverage with 2% fat.


Protein content is what differentiates the Natrel Plus line from our Natrel fine-filtered milks: each 250 ml portion (1 cup) of Natrel Plus provides 18 g of protein, or twice as much as regular milk (which contains an average of 9 g per 250 ml, according to the Canadian Nutrient File).*

*Based on the protein content per 250 ml indicated in the 2018 Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) for partly skimmed milk with 2% fat (code: 61).
Are there allergens in Natrel’s Fine-Filtered 2% Chocolate Partly Skimmed Milk?

This product contains only one allergen: milk.

The chocolate flavour is a natural, allergen-free flavour.

Is it important to shake Natrel Fine-Filtered Chocolate Milk before use?

It is indeed recommended to shake well to ensure that the naturally occurring fat in the products are well mixed for an optimal taste.

What exactly are the Natrel mochis made of?

The centre of our mochis is made of premium ice cream. It’s Natrel ice cream, so it’s made with 100% Canadian milk. There are three flavours to choose from: triple chocolate, vanilla, and mango. The ice cream is wrapped in thin, slightly sweet rice dough. All Natrel mochis contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Are Natrel ice cream mochis packaging recyclable?

Each element used for our ice cream mochis packaging is recyclable. The packaging has been designed to ensure optimal product quality from manufacture to tasting.

Is there real maple syrup in your lactose free maple ice cream?

Yes, the Maple Ripple in the ice cream contains real maple syrup, as well as natural maple flavour.

What does the claim “naturally lactose free” on the packaging of our cheddar cheese mean?

It refers to the bacterial cultures added during the cheese-making process that cause the lactose to naturally diminish throughout the ripening period. It ensures that the product is 100% lactose-free and can be enjoyed by all cheese lovers without the discomfort.

Are Natrel products gluten-free?

Absolutely. All Natrel products are naturally gluten-free.

Why does Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk taste so pure and stay fresh longer?

We do not just pasteurize our milk. We filter it to remove virtually all the bacteria that shorten its shelf life and give it a purer taste that stays fresh longer, naturally - without any preservatives.

Do you add anything to Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk to make it stay fresh longer?

Through our filtration process, we can give our milk a pure taste that stays fresh longer, naturally - without any preservatives. Our packaging with the "fresh-seal packaging" stamp also helps preserve the delicious, fresh taste of this product.

Why is Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk’s shelf life so long? Do you add preservatives to increase its shelf life?

Natrel Fine-Filtered milk does not contain any preservatives. We use a series of pasteurization and filtration methods to make Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk’s shelf life longer. Unless you purchase Natrel Calcium and Natrel Omega-3, only vitamins A and D are added to the milk.

What is Natrel Milk’s normal shelf life?

If the carton, bag or plastic container is sealed and kept refrigerated, regular pasteurized milk lasts 19 to 22 days. Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk packaging with the "fresh-seal packaging" stamp is guaranteed to stay fresh for 15 days longer than our regular pasteurized milk when refrigerated and unopened. Once the carton, bag or jug is open, you should consume the milk within 7 to 10 days. You can increase the shelf life of your milk by refrigerating it (at a temperature of between 1°C and 4°C). Keep in mind that it may begin to lose its freshness after only 20 minutes at room temperature.

Can I use your Natrel Lactose Free for cooking and baking?

Yes, you can substitute regular milk with Natrel Lactose Free for all your recipes. It’s perfect for cooking. It can do everything milk does and has the great taste of milk - without the discomfort.

Does Natrel have any products suitable for lactose-intolerant people?

Yes, we do. Our Natrel Lactose Free dairy products are available in 1 L and 2 L cartons, 4 L bags, skim (0% fat), 1% and 2%. Plus, we offer Natrel Lactose Free 10% Coffee Cream, Natrel Lactose Free 35% Whipping Cream, Natrel Lactose Free ice cream & Natrel Lactose Free Butter; So you can once again enjoy the great taste of dairy products - without the discomfort.

Do you offer an organic version of your Natrel Milk?

Yes, of course. We offer Natrel Organic Fine-Filtered Milk in Ontario and Quebec. We also sell Natrel Organic Milk in British Columbia. Our Natrel Organic Milk comes from organic farms.To find out where you can buy our organic products, visit our Natrel Organic Products page.

How is the milk organic?

Our organic milk comes from organic farms that comply with rigorous standards (Canadian Organic Standards) established by Quality Assurance International. Indeed, our Organic Fine-Filtered Milk comes from Canadian dairy farms dedicated to organic farming principles.

Can I freeze Natrel Chocolate Milk?

You can freeze Natrel Chocolate Milk. It can be put straight into the freezer for up to three weeks. Freezing does not alter the taste or nutritional value of milk, but its texture and appearance may be slightly modified. You should defrost the milk in the refrigerator and shake it well before you consume it. Once defrosted, chocolate milk should be consumed quickly.

Is Natrel Milk suitable for young children?

You can serve Natrel milk to nine months old children. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor to find out the best time to make the transition to regular milk.

Do you also make Natrel Cream?

We offer a wide choice of cream that will meet your specific needs:

  • Natrel Lactose Free 10% Coffee Cream
  • Natrel Lactose Free 35% Whipping Cream
  • Natrel 5% Light Cream
  • Natrel 10% Half & Half Cream
  • Natrel 18% Table Cream
  • Natrel 35% Whipping Cream
  • Natrel 20% Aerosol Whipped Cream

Plus, our choice of Natrel Café flavoured cream, perfect for both coffee and dessert

Why isn’t vitamin A added to Natrel 3.25% Milk?

In whole milk, vitamin A can be found in fat particles. The process of skimming milk tends to reduce the amount of vitamin A that is naturally found in milk. For this reason, vitamin A, otherwise known as palmitate, must be added to low-fat milk, like our skim, 1% and 2% products.

Why is vitamin D added to Natrel Milk?

Vitamin D is added to milk to maximize the body’s capacity to absorb the calcium it needs to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Many baking recipes require sour milk. Can I sour my own milk?

Yes, you can sour your own milk by adding one tablespoon of either vinegar or lemon juice to one cup of Natrel Milk. We do not recommend that you use any milk product that has expired or is “no good” to make sure that your baking turns out perfectly.

Does Natrel Milk contain any artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives?

Natrel Milk does not contain preservatives. We fine-filter our milk, so its taste stays fresh and pure longer. Moreover, according to regulation currently in force in Canada, milk cannot contain antibiotic residues and artificial growth hormones are not approved for use in dairy cattle. Milk supply safety and quality regulations are very strict and include provisions for farm and dairy processing plant inspections and testing.

For more details, visit the Health Canada website.

Is Natrel Milk really made in Canada?

Of course. Every single drop of Natrel Milk comes from Agropur Cooperative, a dairy cooperative 100% owned by Canadian producers. Therefore, when you buy products from Agropur, you’re choosing to contribute to the Canadian economy.

To learn more, visit the Agropur website : www.agropurpride.com

Can I use Natrel Flavoured Milk for cooking?

Although our Natrel Flavoured Milk products are delicious all on their own, their rich, creamy taste can definitely make your recipes truly inspired, giving them that little something extra that’s distinctly you. Pancakes with Natrel Dark Chocolate Milk? Sure. Muffins with Natrel Partly Skimmed Maple Milk? Absolutely. With Natrel Flavoured Milk, you can let your imagination run free.
For more inspiring ideas, visit our Recipes section : www.natrel.ca/en/recipes

Where can I buy Natrel Butter?

Natrel Salted and Unsalted Butters are available in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic provinces in selected supermarkets and warehouse club locations.

Natrel Half-Salted Butter is available in Quebec in selected supermarkets.

Natrel Lactose Free Butter is available in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic provinces in selected supermarkets.

Natrel Organic Butter is available in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic provinces in selected supermarkets.

If you’re having trouble finding our products, go to the Contact Us section of our website and send us a message by filling out our contact form. Upon receiving your request, we will send you the name of a store near you that carries our products.

How should I store Natrel Butter?

We recommend that you keep Natrel Butter in the refrigerator in its original foil covering. This way, you can keep it for up to three weeks once opened. If you think you will be keeping it longer, we suggest you wrap it further in a piece of aluminum foil to preserve its fresh taste longer.

If you like your butter soft, you can keep a small quantity on the counter, in a covered butter dish, for two or three days.

Natrel Butter freezes well if it is first wrapped in a plastic freezer bag. When properly wrapped, Natrel Unsalted Butter will keep for three months and Natrel Salted Butter will be good for a full year. When you are ready to use it, leave your Natrel Butter to thaw in the refrigerator for a few days to obtain the best possible texture.

Source: http://www.dairygoodness.ca/butter

Does Caramel Latte Milk contain caffeine?

There is only a trace amount of caffeine in our Caramel Latte Milk. It comes from the coffee flavour made from coffee extract, about 0.47 mg per 250 ml serving. Our Caramel Latte Milk can thus be enjoyed by the entire family.

Lactose Intolerance

Are all Natrel Plus products lactose-free?

Yes, all Natrel Plus products are lactose-free because they are made from our fine-filtered lactose-free milk.

What is lactose intolerance? What are the symptoms?

Lactose intolerance is defined as the inability to properly digest lactose, a form of sugar found in dairy products. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, bloating, flatulence and discomfort.

I drank milk every day as a kid and never had discomfort. So why now?

Most people develop intolerance to lactose as they age. Very few infants are lactose intolerant, but for many people, lactase production diminishes as they age.

Source : http://inhealth.cnn.com/digestive-health-center/10-things-to-know-about-lactose-intolerance/;jsessionid=BBE096AA25C6BEBCD14294D8E7E2410E?redirect=beme 
I think I might be lactose intolerant. What should I do?

You should talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and help you deal with your condition.

It's tough living with lactose intolerance. Any tips?

Just find lactose free products that fit your dietary needs, like our Natrel Lactose Free dairy products. This is not just rediscovering the great taste of fresh dairy. This is a touch more. This is all of your old favourites, from shortcake to creamy carrot soup. And all of your new favourites too. This is lactose freedom. Taste the possibilities without the discomfort.

Is lactose free dairy free?

No. Lactose free products are dairy products adapted for people with lactose intolerance.

What is lactose?

Lactose is a natural sugar found in milk. Lactose needs to be broken down by lactase to be absorbed by the human body. If undigested, lactose can ferment within the body, causing gas and acidity.

What is lactase?

Lactase is the enzyme produced by the human body to break down and digest lactose. Lactase production varies from individual to individual.

What about the nutritional value of Natrel's lactose free dairy products?

Good news: Natrel Lactose Free products can be compared to the regular dairy products’ health benefits. They are a great source of protein, calcium and vitamin D. Check out our products’ nutritional information for more details.

How do you make Natrel Lactose Free products taste so good?

From the start, we’ve strived to keep the delicious taste of fresh milk. We’re proud to produce lactose free products that have the same fresh milk taste that you love.

Can I use Natrel Lactose free products for cooking and baking?

Of course! Our lactose free dairy products can be used in any recipe that calls for dairy products.

Here are a few recipes to get you inspired; Just select Lactose Free as a filter: www.natrel.ca/en/recipes

Is lactose intolerance a common condition?

Yes it is. According to the studies, approximately seven million Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance.