Chloé Comte

Founder & editor-in-chief of L’An vert du décor | Montreal, Quebec

Chloé, who has long been passionate about design and decor, decided one day that work should be fun, not a pain! Jewellery maker turned interior designer, she eventually found her niche as a stylist.

She is irrepressibly curious. As an interior designer, stylist, founder and editor-in-chief of the blog L’An vert du décor, and DIY/decor writer, she has been sharing original ideas for projects to do at home for several years now. This hyper-perfectionist scours the web and local stores to find the item that adds that perfect finishing touch to a room or serves as material for one of her beautiful creations.  

From conference spaces to sumptuously staged photo shoots and the creation of DIYs for webzines and print, Chloé successfully takes on every decor challenge with masterful brio. Her motto: Do what you love – especially what you love!

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