Our family of
Our family of
Epicurean Culinary Stylist and Photographer
Samuel Joubert may claim he’s no professional chef, but his immeasurable love of all things food-related sets him apart from other epicureans.
Culinary Creator, Photographer and Food Stylist

Emilie Gaillet is a photographer, food stylist and culinary creator who shares her delectable recipes on her blog, Murmures.

Creator, One Tough Cookie

Alanna Lipson is a Toronto-based sweets lover who spins many plates, most of them food-filled. She is a culinary writer, a food stylist and photographer, a recipe developer, but, most importantly, an all-around food lover.

Founder, Noms for the Poor Blogger

Toronto’s Liz Mochrie gladly shares her original vegetarian recipes on her blog, Noms for the Poor.

Blogger and Holistic Health Specialist
Toronto’s Kris Osborne combines her two loves, cooking and healthy living, into one blog, 80Twenty.
Baker and Blogger

Self-taught baker Lyndsay Sung shares her love of all things cake on her blog, Coco Cake Land.

Dietitian, Doctor of Pharmacy

Nutrition expert Annie Ferland takes to her blog, Science et Fourchette, to share recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious.


Bernard Lavallée is a nutritionist of many talents who talks about eating on his blog, Nutritionniste Urbain.

Blogger, Recipe Developer
Baking columnist Stephanie Eddy shares snippets of her food-centric life on her blog, A Clockwork Lemon.
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