12 monthly intentions for a delicious 2016

Stephanie Florian, from Play Outdoors Vancouver, shares 12 actions to adopt monthly to make 2016 the best year so far.

As a country, we chose change. As individuals, change is inevitable. We can resist it or we can welcome it with open arms. I’ve created an intention calendar to help you make the changes necessary for your dreams and goals to become a reality. Give each one of these monthly intentions as much time and energy as you can, and enjoy the ride. Make 2016 your best year ever.


January – Sit still and just chill

Sitting still is harder than you think. Between family, career and personal interests, taking time to be still can seem next to impossible.  This month, make it happen. No excuses, take as many minutes as you can in a day to focus inward and get in touch with your inner silence. When you do, positive change will occur. Discover a new book, a new meditation series or simply just do less. Savour saying “no.” Call it a personal rest hour, a timeout or a home escape, but do choose a stillness ritual that you can embrace every day of this month for a few precious moments.


February – Random acts of love and kindness

Valentine’s Day has become a commercial holiday. Instead of celebrating just February the 14th, set your intention to shower everyone with love and gratitude all month. Love can be expressed in many ways. Compliment someone, give your child or BFF your undivided attention, or just mindfully show your love in some small way every day. Give and you shall receive.

March – Sow seeds of intention

When March arrives after a long winter, it is like a breath of fresh air. Let the winds of March blow your winter blues away. With spring comes the anticipation of new beginnings. Make a pact to plant seeds of intention every day this month and then watch your garden bloom.

April – Start a vision board

Whether or not you already have a vision board, make April the month to refresh or kick start your wish list for the future. Our dreams and goals are constantly changing and evolving, and so should our vision boards. Collect images that represent your goals and post your board in plain sight as a daily reminder. Seeing is believing, and dreams are only goals away.

May – Commit to nature

Nature is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to connect to your authentic self. This month commit to nature, to your natural surroundings and all the beauty they offer. Make a daily date with nature – and your cell phone is not invited! Just be outdoors with no distractions. Find a new trail and walk it daily. Expect to be amazed at what you see and hear when you are at one with Mother Earth in her natural state. Look for heart-shaped stones or press pretty wild flowers and use them to make a home sanctuary… interior design à la Mother Nature.

June – Create a summer bucket list

Sunnier days offer an endless array of outdoor activities, outings and adventures. Summer can inspire even a winter hermit to shake it off and embrace the season. Compose a summer bucket list. Include everything you want to do, places you want to go, mountains you dream of climbing, oceans you will swim or sail, projects you will start and, of course, the company with whom you will share them. Summer is coming, and when it does arrive, embrace it and go big. You only live once. Write that bucket list, then edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite and above all make it happen!

July – Entertain

From BBQ’s to beachside picnics, camping and cookouts, this is the month to rev up your social calendar. Call on friends, book lunch dates and group hikes, throw a summer patio fiesta. Become a foodie just for fun and the host(ess) you’ve always wanted to be. Get creative, use your imagination… or better yet, use your vision board or Pinterest page to inspire your social life. Invite family and friends, old and new. The sun is shining and the BBQ is back in service, so get planning.


August – Play outdoors

Make this your month to play outdoors alone or with a friend. Discover a new sport or pastime. Whether it’s a canoe trip, stand up paddle session, catching your first wave or tubing like a kid again, get your friends and family fired up. Be their inspiration. Take a selfie and Instagram your adventures just for the pure fun of it before you call summer a wrap.

September – Declutter and cleanse

You may have heard this a million times before, but simplicity is the key to calm. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Clear the clutter and make room for the new. This month make it your goal to get rid of anything that is not serving you. Be it things or even people. Start small. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your desk drawer or your Facebook page, purge the old. Make space for a plethora of new possibilities.

October – Do something that scares you

Fear is our number one obstacle. Make October the month to face your fears head on. Choose scary over comfortable and watch yourself soar. Come Halloween, celebrate your personal strength and power, and your ability to rise above anything scary or uncertain. When you get through it, stand proud like a warrior.

November – Fight for a cause

Is there a charity or cause that pulls at your heart strings? If not, make November the month to find one. Get involved, donate, support and pay it forward in some shape or form. Give thanks and give back. It’s amazing how rewarding the experience can be. The satisfaction of giving and expecting nothing in return is unrivalled. Find a cause this month that inspires you, then commit to making a difference one day at a time.

December – Journal and reflect

As you enter the last month of the year, schedule a few minutes a day to write and reflect. Pair your journaling session with a Natrel latte and use this morning ritual to be thoughtful. Recall your achievements, your disappointments and lessons learned, then let them go. Your intentions going forward are what matter. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Make 2016 the year you sparkle and shine. Happy New Year from Natrel!