8 Gifts for 8 Moms

May 7th 2014

Are you still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? The one that will make your mom the happiest woman on earth? Olivia Mew, a Montreal-based illustrator and founder of Stay Home Club, has got you covered. She’s scoured tons of talented Canadian designers and business owners to find the ideal gifts for 8 very unique moms. Let Olivia help you pick the perfect artisanal present for your favourite matriarch. 


Whether your mother is an organizational guru, a morning grump or simply a woman in need of a vacation, scroll down to find the perfect gift for her.

1. For the morning-grump mom:

A bag of 49th Parallel coffee

2. For the organized mom:

A storage box by Bookhou at Home

4. For the mom who's not afraid to get her hands dirty:

A terrarium-making workshop at Crown Flora

5. For the mom who misses her West Coast roots:

"Rocky Mountain" cushion cover from Assembly Home Goods

6. For the mom who loves suprises in the mail:

A subscription to "Me Myself & Montreal"

7. For the mom who needs a vacation:

"Viaje" clutch from Scout & Catalogue