A healthy start to the new year

January 2016

The holidays have come and gone – it’s time to trade in desserts and meat pies for healthier fare. It seems simple, but it’s easier said than done. The key isn’t just to take on new healthy habits, but also to maintain them for the entire year.


Thankfully, our trusted collaborators are here to help. Annie Ferland, the certified nutritionist who writes for De la science à la fourchette, has a few tips to eat more healthily this year. She also shares three delicious, healthy recipes that she created with Samuel Joubert, the passionate food blogger and photographer who runs Le coup de grâce. Healthy food has never been this tempting!


Simple resolutions for a healthy year

These easy-to-keep resolutions by nutritionist Annie Ferland, dtp, PhD (Pharm), will help to improve your eatings habits in the year ahead.

  1. Make meals with fresh ingredients.

    You’ll enjoy all the natural flavour of your ingredients as well as their full nutritional value.

  2. Eat a good breakfast every morning.

    A balanced morning meal, like our no-cook oatmeal, improves cognitive function, memory and concentration. Mom was right: it’s the most important meal of the day!

  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

    At lunch and dinner, fruit and vegetables should make up at least half your plate.

  4. Make family meals.

    Cooking at home lets you choose quality ingredients and know exactly what’s in your meal. Plus, kids who spend time in the kitchen learn to appreciate a wider variety of flavours than those who don’t.

  5. Buy less processed food.

    These foods often contain bad fats, lots of additives and too much sodium. Many store-bought foods can be made at home quickly and for a fraction of the price.

  6. Put beans on the menu.

    Beans are inexpensive, low in fat, and high in protein, fibre, and nutrients. They can even be used as a meat substitute in many recipes.

  7. Eat more fibre.

    Fibre comes with enormous health benefits. It can lower blood cholesterol levels, improve glycemic control, help prevent digestive problems and contribute to weight loss. Our salmon and quinoa croquettes are a great example of a delicious meal that’s high in fibre.

Healthy Recipes to start the New Year off right