Hit the books this Easter with these 10 children’s books

A literary treasure hunt for a fresh take on your Easter traditions
For Easter this year, we’re proposing a fresh take on tradition with a literary treasure hunt! A great way to introduce your brood of little chicks to new books. Here are 10 suggestions for springtime reading that will delight both kids and adults alike.


1- The Day the Crayons Quit

Publisher: Kaleidoscope / Author: Drew Daywalt / Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers


Duncan’s crayons are in revolt. They’ve had it with their colouring duties at school and are speaking out in letters that are cheeky (but always attractively done). An original, refreshing read that will engage your child’s imagination.

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2- The Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit

Publisher: Milan / Author: Werner Holzwarth / Illustrator: Wolf Erlbruch


A charming little mole sets off to find out who dun it on his head. A hardcover book that has become a children’s classic. Young children will find the little mole’s zany adventures irresistibly amusing.

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3- The Great Word Factory

Publisher: Alice Jeunesse / Author: Angès de Lestrade/ Illustrator: Valeria Docampo


Phileas wants to tell Cybelle that he loves her. But he lives in a world where people have to buy words, and words of love are very expensive. A wonderful tale of love between two children, told with poetic language and illustrations that evoke an unusual world.

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4- Yakouba

Publisher: Du Seuil / Author: Thierry Dedieu


Yakouba must pass an initiation to become a warrior of his clan. Left in the heart of the jungle, he is faced with the dilemma of choosing between quiet goodness and acceptance by his tribe. He chooses to do what is right and pays the price. This magnificent fable makes us think about what truly matters in life.

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5- The Lion and the Bird

Publisher: La Pastèque / Author: Marianne Dubuc


A wounded bird convalesces at a lion’s home, but soon it must join its flock as spring approaches. Touchingly illustrated, the story skillfully explores the ties of friendship that are created over time through sharing and listening.

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6- The Quarreling Book

Publisher: Harper Collins / Author: Charlotte Zolotow / Illustrator: Arnold Lobel


It’s a grey, rainy day for Jonathan’s family. But Charlot the dog brings happiness back into the house. The Quarreling Book shows the effect that one little positive act can have and how it leads to another and then another...

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7- Making the moose out of life

Publisher: Kids can press | Author: Nicholas Oldland


Three great friends, a bear, a moose and a beaver, decide one day to set off on an adventure. Canoeing down a river, they come upon some wild rapids. What will they do? Will they be able to agree on a plan in time?

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8- Wuxia the Fox: In Pursuit of Lost Dreams

Publisher: Sagafilm Productions / Author: Jonathan Bélisle


Oremia and Wuxia the fox are looking for the whale Nioma. Her songs will allow humans to dream once again. Wuxia includes a book and an iPad app that is activated by the reader’s voice. To be experienced as much for its innovative format as for the ecological message at its heart.

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9- Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters

Publisher: La Pastèque / Author: K.G. Campbell


Cousin Clara lovingly knits sweaters for Lester. Lester doesn’t like them, however, but he is too polite to tell her. The book is a hilarious read that also provides an opportunity to talk to your child about the value of being true to yourself.

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10- The Sandwich Thief

Publisher: Chronicle Books / Author: André Marois / Illustrator: Patrick Doyon


Someone at school is stealing Marin’s sandwiches every day. Will he succeed in unmasking the culprit? This graphic caper will delight young readers 7 years and older.

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