Joyful moments around a glass of chocolate milk

For Mother’s Day, Josiane Stratis, editor-in-chief of TPL Moms, shares with us a tender moment with her young boy Arthur.

During a heated discussion I had when I was pregnant, a dad said to me that I would enjoy my role as a mother when my child would be a little older. I argued that I had quite the legendary patience and I would find the adventure perfectly fine from the very beginning.

Time has proven him right.

The first year with a baby was difficult. I found it took a lot out of me, but I also found it very beautiful and exciting.

I remember one time in particular, even though it may seem trivial. Arthur, my boy, was a month old. He was being held by his dad when he made an expression of surprise and turned his head to the right, then left and then again on both sides. He had learned to move in his space. I was surprised and proud. With this very trivial gesture, he showed me that we have to be capable of surprise, and most of all, we have to rejoice in the little things.

The first year was all about adapting. I didn’t sleep much. Plus, conversations with a child under one year old are rather one-sided. Beautifully one-sided.

Recently, I was one-on-one with my baby, who is no longer such a baby. He asked me to sit on the table to share a drink of chocolate milk with me. I gave him permission because we need to choose our battles(!). We were each nibbling pieces of toast cut into triangles (because obviously it's much better that way;)), and in his little 22-month-old language Arthur said, "yum chocolate bread, Mom" and it’s then that I simply started crying. As if the weight of the year before had disappeared in front of a glass of chocolate milk.

Dear mothers, happiness is in the tender little moments you share on a quiet day. Enjoy the early years, because these are the memories you will cherish the most.

Happy Mother’s Day


Photo credits: Gabrielle Lacasse

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