— Kebabs steal the show during BBQ season —

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I'm seized with a strange, irrepressible urge to barbecue as soon as I get even the faintest, unmistakable whiff of food being grilled. And, with the return of warmer weather, my senses are overloaded – barbecue-obsessed cooks seem to have invaded my neighbourhood. It’s a festival of heavenly, smoke-infused scents.


Of course, all these mouth-watering aromas have also awakened the weekend foodie in me! A good BBQ is not simply limited to a few sausages and classic cuts of meat. The grill is the perfect platform to try out delicious new ideas.

Here are three kebab recipes that offer an original flavour experience. Taste buds will be cheering! So invite the gang over, there's something to please every taste.