Summer Outdoor Brunch

July 2014

During the weekend, there’s nothing better than a brunch. Eggs, pastries, friends, family… All of our favourite things wrapped into one leisurely meal. Why not turn such a joyful gathering into an elegant visual feast?

Thanks to Trudy Crane, the interior designer behind the blog Looks Like White, your brunch is about to get even more enjoyable. In her professional life, Trudy celebrates all shades of white, using this simple, often overlooked colour to create beautiful objects and spaces. Brunch time is no exception, and she is happy to show us how to create the perfect white on white table setting.

How to Set Up Your Summer Brunch Table

  1. Begin by placing a bright white tablecloth on your table.
  2. Add a wooden board or a burlap table runner to the center of the table.
  3. Cut or buy seasonal flowers or branches and add them to a variety of vases of different heights. The vases can be clear glass, white or in colour, according to your preferences.
  4. Position the vases on the wooden board or table runner so they cover the middle portion of the table.
  5. At the end of the table runner or board, add some natural moss or vine. Tuck small votive candles into the center- you can do this by cutting a hole into the middle of the moss or by weaving the vine around the candles.
  6. Arrange place settings around the table, placing a napkin on top of each plate. Add the silverware and cups.
  7. Place the milk and food on the table.
  8. Fill the cups with Natrel milk.

Table etiquette

Thanks to Trudy Crane of Looks Like White, you can be sure your brunch will be beautiful, but why not step it up a notch and impress your guests even more by placing your dishes just so? Follow this handy place setting guide and your summery outdoor meal will be as pretty as can be.