Lactose free cream cheese

A cream cheese so creamy and smooth you’ll be surprised it came from your own kitchen.


  1. In a saucepan, combine Natrel Lactose Free 3.25%, cream and salt. Over medium heat, bring to a boil, stirring occasionally to prevent the bottom from scorching. When it’s boiling, remove from heat and stir in vinegar. Let cool completely.
  2. While the mixture cools, place 4 large layers of cheesecloth in a fine-mesh sieve placed over a bowl. The sieve shouldn't touch the bottom of the bowl to allow the whey to drain.
  3. Pour the cooled mixture into the sieve. Place in the fridge and allow to strain overnight. In the morning, scrape the cheese from the cheesecloth into a bowl and whisk well so it's creamy and smooth. Scoop into a sealable jar.

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