Natrel invites you to its bistro

Welcome to the Natrel Bistro! Come try our wide range of dairy products in our refined modern bistro. Enjoy this unique experience.

Natrel Bistro

A new bistro experience

Natrel invites you to enjoy a unique taste experience in a charming setting. Come discover all the possibilities that our wide range of dairy products offers.

Help yourself!

Milk on tap is a glorious thing! Discover all of Natrel’s delicious flavoured milks, including dark chocolate, caramel latte and maple, at our self-serve counter. Lactose-intolerant? Our lactose-free chocolate option is sure to please. Serve yourself as often as you like!

Natrel Bistro

Taste the possibilities

The Natrel Bistro serves the very best milk-based products.
Choose from a variety of delicious drinks and snacks,
then add Natrel’s touch thanks to our exquisite dairy products.
Trust us, you’ll want to spend the entire day at the Bistro!