Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee creamers: A complete guide to flavourful mornings

For most of us, there’s nothing more important than starting the day with a great cup of coffee. Whether it’s a fixed part of your daily ritual or simply a way to wake up, you know you want it to be smooth, creamy and delicious. Here’s a primer on those coffee creamers you’ve been hearing so much about lately, for a reinvention of that first morning sip.


Pour and enjoy!

Not everyone wants to be a barista. Nevertheless, we should all get the chance to experience, at home, coffee at its very best. Coffee creamers do the job to perfection. And it’s simple. All you have to do is pour a cloud of creamer in your coffee, and that little touch will add richness and velvety texture. It’s as if a professional had prepared your coffee.



Quality above all: natural ingredients 

Beyond how simple it is to use, what makes a coffee creamer great is the quality of its ingredients and the variety of flavours it comes in. The 100 percent dairy options are the most appreciated by those who want to make healthy choices since they don’t have additives or emulsifying agents. With a short and simple list of ingredients—milk, cream and naturally derived ingredients—they’re the winning choices right down the line.



Pourable flavour

At the heart of coffee creamers’ popularity is the comfort a flavoured coffee gives. And what better to really touch our hearts than the flavours of vanilla, caramel and hazelnut? What sets a natural flavour apart from an artificial one is the source of the ingredients that create them. For example, natural vanilla flavour, like the one used in Natrel coffee creamer, comes from a vanilla concentrate obtained directly from the beans. Vanilla, caramel or hazelnut, we like our coffee naturally flavoured!



Oil-free, 100 percent dairy

Coffee creamers have been a well-loved alternative for decades, and over the years have made us rethink the whole coffee experience. Free of oil and artificial flavours, Natrel’s creamers are a judicious combination of milk and cream that creates the perfect foam, without compromising on the pleasure of rich and natural taste.



Velvety foam at home

Does it really take a specialized team to get a rich and creamy foam on your coffee? Absolutely not! You can get the maximum amount of foam with Natrel coffee creamers using a number of very simple methods. Whether it’s with a machine equipped with a steam wand, a manual whisk or a Mason-type jar, you can do everything at home!


Our favourite techniques for foaming coffee creamer 


To obtain a rich and creamy foam, you’ll need a Natrel coffee creamer in the flavour of your choice. Ideally, it should be very cold. 

Here’s how to do it:



Use a handheld whisk

Pour the very cold coffee creamer into a stainless steel saucepan. Heat the creamer over medium heat, stirring constantly with a whisk. Continue to whisk until the coffee creamer reaches a temperature of approximately 60-70°C (140-160°F). Remove the pan from the heat. Whisk the surface of the coffee creamer vigorously to form a quantity of additional foam on the surface. 



Use a handheld frother

Pour the coffee creamer into a cup. Heat it in the microwave until it reaches a temperature of approximately 60-70°C (140-160°F). Immerse the handheld frother in the coffee creamer. Froth until it doubles in volume or reaches the desired consistency.



Use an electric milk frother

Fill the container with coffee creamer to the maximum level marker for foam, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Press the button until the light goes on. Use immediately in your coffee.



Use a Mason-type jar

Pour the coffee creamer into a Mason-type jar. Heat it in the microwave until it reaches a temperature of approximately 60-70°C (140-160°F). Close the lid, wrap the jar in a clean cloth and shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds. But be careful: pressure can build up in the jar if the creamer is too hot! It can make a heck of a mess.


Using a steam wand (espresso machine)

Pour very cold coffee creamer into a stainless steel milk pitcher. Place the pitcher under the steam nozzle of the coffee machine. Open the steam as you position the nozzle just under the surface of the creamer. Aerate the creamer for a few seconds to create microbubbles. To do this, lift the nozzle until it is barely touching the creamer surface. When the temperature of the creamer reaches approximately 60-70°C (140-160°F), it’s ready to be poured!

Useful link - How to froth your milk| Natrel


Value added

You care about your health, and we know that. That’s why we’ve paid special attention to the nutritional value of our coffee creamers. We’ve combined simplicity and delectable creaminess, all with 50 percent less sugar and fat *! 

Once you’ve created your dream foam from our Natrel coffee creamers, you can add it to your coffee, your tea, and even your favourite chocolate drink.


*than the bestselling creamer in Canada




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