5 festive holiday desserts

Dazzle your friends and family this holiday season with these five delicious desserts.

  1. Old-fashioned doughnuts

The holidays are the perfect time of year to pull out grandma’s handwritten recipes—the ones that have become frayed and faded over the years, accumulating more stains with every passing season. These old-fashioned doughnuts are easy to prepare and have a deliciously crisp exterior.

  1. Fudge

No one can resist a hearty helping of fudge during the holidays. Let your imagination run wild and try your hand at cooking up a few different versions, like nut, maple or chocolate!

  1. Date squares

Easy to make and serve, date squares are a classic holiday treat. Pair this fruity, buttery oatmeal-crusted dessert and with a cold glass of milk. 

  1. Brownies with chocolate chunks

Do your guests have a soft spot for sweets? Whip up a batch of our go-to ultra chocolatey brownies. Top with your favourite treats for extra oomph. Grilled nuts, colourful candy and chocolate chips all make great additions!

  1. Sparkly butter shortbread cookies

This cookie recipe is super handy for the holidays. You can make the dough ahead of time and bake it whenever you choose. These buttery shortbread cookies are ready in just 15 minutes. They’re the perfect blank slate for decorating with colourful sprinkles and sugar crystals—maximum holiday magic in every bite!

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