Cream and Coffee Duo

Energizing, comforting and delicious, coffee can be characterized and enjoyed in a multitude of ways. The addition of cream – a little or a lot, whipped or liquid – is the perfect touch for a rich and creamy coffee. Discover how cream is skillfully used around the world to add a touch more to coffee.


Germany: Pharisäer

Coffee is serious business in Germany, especially the daily coffee break, also known as Kaffee und Kuchen! Pharisäer, a traditional beverage from northwestern Germany, is made with coffee, a bit of rum and a generous dose of whipped cream on top. The drink originated on Nordstrand Island and, according to legend, whipped cream tempered the smell of rum – besides being delicious. Germany is a leading coffee importer and has long been the second-largest coffee consumer in the world. The country’s very first café was established in Hamburg in 1671. In 1908, coffee became more widely accessible with the arrival of filter coffee.


Austria: Einspänner

Although this drink is known around the world as Viennese coffee, its real name reflects its true origins. Einspänner, which literally means “cabriolet” (or “horse-drawn carriage”) was the favoured beverage of carriage drivers seeking to warm up in winter. The rich taste of black coffee topped with fresh whipped cream comforted them on cold days! Viennese coffee house culture, or Wiener Kaffeehauskultur, every bit as important as its German counterpart, has even been part of the country’s Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2011.


Brazil: Mocha-Cola iced coffee

It’s no surprise that Brazilians are big coffee drinkers – their country produces a third of the world’s coffee. Locals also love soft drinks, which led them to combine their two favourite beverages to create a version of iced coffee similar to what we know as a float. Coffee, chocolate milk and cola, topped with luscious whipped cream, come together for a splendidly sweet concoction!

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