Simple recipes with a little something extra

There are a number of staple recipes that all amateur chefs should have in their back pocket. Whether you’re looking to wow your guests or treat yourself to a tasty weeknight meal, here are our top 10 go-to recipes. 

  1. Simple omelette

Omelettes are a quick and easy staple. You can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! Plus, they’re super easy to customize according to your mood and what’s in season.


  1. Homemade cinnamon buns

What could be better than buttery, flaky cinnamon buns, baked to golden-brown perfection? Especially covered in a generous amount of icing! Whip up a batch and let their delicious aroma fill your home.


  1. Thin crepes

Crepes are hands down the belle of the brunch! Not least of which because they’re très versatile. You can fry them, douse them in honey or top them with a delicious chocolate coulis. You can also fill them with ham and cheese sauce or chicken and bechamel sauce for a truly decadent meal!


  1. Bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce is the perfect starting off point for a creamy chicken pot pie, a rich vegetarian lasagna, a hearty vegetable gratin, and much more! Try your hand at homemade bechamel and start working through its 1,001 possibilities now!


  1. Classic cheese sauce

Listen up, mac’n’cheese lovers: this is the only cheese sauce you’ll ever need! Follow this recipe for creamy, comfort food perfection.


  1. Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce is easier to make than you might think! You won’t be able to resist drizzling this creamy, decadent sauce on just about everything. Eggs Benedict, savoury crepes, frittatas–go wild!

  1. Homemade shortcrust pastry

Intimidated by shortcrust pastry? Don’t be! You just need the right recipe to make a delicious, delicately buttery shortcrust pastry. Top it with your favourite in-season fruits and pair it with a scoop of ice cream.


  1. Whipped cream

Channel your inner pastry chef and whip up perfectly airy whipped cream with just a few flicks of the wrist! Pro tip: Put your bowl and whisk in the freezer a few minutes beforehand for the best results.


  1. Chocolate ganache

A drizzle of chocolate ganache is the perfect pie filling or finishing touch for your cakes and éclairs!


  1. Lactose-free buttercream

Who can resist the rich, creamy goodness of buttercream? Take your cakes to the next level with delicious buttercream icing. Pair your decadent creations with a tall glass of Natrel Lactose Free for a true gourmet experience.


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